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What is BYOB?

BYOB is help for the 50% of all private businesses that are started by women! This is the help that YOU need to start your ONLINE business and not run as great a risk of going out of business like 75% of all new businesses that fail.


BYOB, Build YOUR ONLINE Business, levels the playing field for women. In the past, in order for us to start a business or to take on a job to generate additional income, we also had to provide childcare for our children—making the extra money that we earned almost insignificant based on the amount of time we had to spend away from the house. 

Building Your ONLINE Business not only allows you the freedom to work from the comforts of your home without the need for additional childcare, but ALSO gives you access to MORE clients, in MORE regions than a traditional brick and mortar or offline business that is reliant 100% on local traffic.

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Build Your Online Business Membership Levels

Level 01

Build Your Online Membership
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  • Access to notes, business tools & other resources
  • Immediate access to 1,000's of hours of coaching

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Build Your Online Membership
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  • Level 01 Build Your Online Business courses
  • Level 01 Startup Capital training courses
  • 1,000's of hours of on-demand coaching
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Oprah Winfrey

Who is Building Your Online Business Membership for?

Working Moms

who don’t want to trade their family life in exchange for extra revenue

Single Moms

who don’t have the support to watch their kids while they take on extra jobs

Retired Women

or those looking to retire but still need to bring in revenue to meet monthly commitments

Empty Nesters

who want the convenience of generating extra money without being on their feet all day

Any Woman

who would like the freedom to generate extra revenue while working from anywhere in the world

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Some kind of failure always occurs before success.

Reverend Dr. Dawniel Winningham