Dream Team: How to Build the Right Team to Move Your Business Forward




EVERYONE needs a Team!

For all of you SOLOpreneurs out there struggling because you feel like you can’t hire a COACH and much less a TEAM, this Masterclass is for you…

Right now you are caught up in a vicious cycle… you can’t make enough money, because you don’t have enough help…

And because you don’t have enough help, you can’t make enough money to pay for strategy (or anything else for that matter!). So you are left to your own devices… of trying to figure it all out… ALONE.


Because working IN your business and not ON your business doesn’t make you a CEO… it just makes you TIRED.

And TIRED people are not really good at earning money… they are just treading water.

Forbes recently published an article that indicated that while 50% of all private businesses are run by women, 75% of them FAIL to scale beyond $50,000 a year in earnings.

PRIMARILY because they work ALONE and $50k is about ALL you can manage to earn yourself.

But there IS another way.

The Dream Team Workbook will help you learn NOT ONLY how to build a team and WHO to hire first, but also HOW to build a team on a shoe string budget!

Coach Love Ya!



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