High Ticket Product Creation




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This product includes:

Product Creation and Pricing Educational Video

Product Creation and Pricing Case Study Video

Bonus How to Create HIGH TICKET Items for Your Business!

Follow Along Workbook

Although women lead the pack in creating new businesses, the majority of them FAIL to SCALE beyond $50,000 each year!

And it’s for several reasons:

Incorrect Pricing – Products not priced in accordance with true value

Limited Products – You don’t have a product shelf that makes you earn money NOW and LATER

Limited Bandwidth – You can ONLY to SO MUCH with your hands especially those in the service industry. How do you expand when you are the only worker?

Are you ready to EXPAND your income by EXPANDING your offerings?

Imagine that your favorite department store had only 1 product. Would they be the same multibillion dollar brand that they are today?

In this VIDEO/Workbook:

Choosing a theme that is exciting for your market

How to position your theme in a product funnel so that whether your client has $20 or $20,000, you are able to service them WITHOUT cutting your own prices

Understand how to price your products and services for maximum impact and minimum work effort from you

How to leverage the same knowledge to create multiple products instead of trying to re-create the wheel which will save you time and money!


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