Stop Laboring For Your Money






You need money to build your empire and this workbook helps you realize you already have it somewhere! Stop Laboring for Your Money teaches you to identify LEAKS in your finances so that you can STOP THE LEAKS and get your money to grow! The exercises in this book are designed to help you look closely at your current bills and begin to question everything! It also teaches you to unashamedly ASK for discounts so that you can save and stack your money very quickly!

This workbook is designed to make money REAL for you. If you are looking at money like nicely and dimes, it is time to get honest with yourself and realize that this is actually dollars and fives!


In Stop Laboring for Your Money Workbook, you learn to:

Do a BIG 7 review of your current financial responsibilities

Be mindful of every dollar you spend

Discover hidden ways to save big bucks

How to plan to contact creditors to lower your bills

How to use a spending journal to keep track of your income 

and much more!

This book also teaches you to stop saying “I can’t afford it” and shows you ways YOU EASILY CAN!


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