The Quit Conspiracy: The Plot to Keep You Working J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)






The QUIT Conspiracy~The PLOT to keep you working a 9 – 5 J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)
You’ve been HAD!
In this IN YOUR FACE Book, former Corporate America VP Dawniel Winningham tells ALL on how the PLOT to keep you working a JOB is one of the biggest tricks EVER pulled on society as we know it!
You’ve been BAMBOOZLED!
How you’re working HARDER than EVER but still have MUCH OF nothing to show for it!
You’ve been RUN AMUCK
How raises, benefits, and bonuses are strung along to KEEP you working but REALLY barely cover the cost of living.
You’ve been LED ASTRAY
How SOCIETY has created a culture of FOLLOWING others…to the land of BROKE!
You’ve been CONNED
You’re RISKING it ALL for a JOB…that could let you go ANY MINUTE! Without a SINGLE THOUGHT!
But the TRUTH is that you CAN BE FREE! You are MORE than CAPABLE, and MORE than skilled. And IF no one told you before NOW!
Let ME be the first!
My goal is to FREE THOUSANDS from jobs they hate, bosses THEY should be managing, co-workers you can’t stand AND a job environment that is making you SICK!
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It’s time WE WAKE up to our GREATNESS and wake OTHERS up too!


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