BYOB Business Template Bundle






Three for the price of one! In this bundle, you will find:

Investment Plan Template – In order for you to receive money via grants or investors it is essential that you be able to provide them with a “SOUND” plan for where you will spend the money. This investment plan template gives you a jumpstart with a common list of places that qualify for GREAT business expenses.

Video Pitch Template – Need to create a video for a grant, pitch contest or simply need an elevator pitch to introduce your business? This Video pitch template gives you the outline of what to REALLY say when you ONLY have a few minutes to say it!

One Page Business Plan Template – If you don’t have a Business plan do you really have a business? This simple business plan template is the perfect outline for you to get your business trajectory on paper so that you and anyone interested in investing in your business or providing you with a grant can easily see your vision..and you can complete this in a fraction of the time that it takes for a standard business plan, leaving no room for excuses, Download YOURS today.


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